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What we did before

Step into our welcoming studio, where professionalism and a warm atmosphere merge seamlessly. Relax and trust our experienced technicians to guide you through personalized consultation, considering your unique features, preferences, and desired outcome. We take great pride in using the highest quality pigments and advanced techniques to achieve natural-looking, flawless results that will withstand the test of time.

Breonna making tattoos.
Breonna making microblading.
lip blushing services.
Breonna making microblading.
Breonna making nano brows..

What our
clients said…

"The first picture | did with previous microblading. Breonna has transformed me and | love my new brows!! She's an artist and they are her masterpiece on my face. She's amazing. Takes her time with you and comforts as well (I was very skeptical when | left, | thought they were too big and dark) not anymore. I love them!!! Thank you so much!!!"

Kristi Gustafson Pettigrew

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